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Undergraduate Student Resume

An undergraduate student is the one, who is pursuing the first degree/bachelor's degree. Hence, a student who is pursuing the higher secondary level education but prior to bachelor's degree needs to write the undergraduate resume for seeking any internship or summer placements in the field that he/she is interested in. While writing an undergraduate resume, include whatever internship or work experience you have, as recruiters do not expect tons of professional expertise or experience from an undergraduate student. However, arranging the relevant and concise details in the resume may work as a doorway to grab a personal interview. To get a clear idea of how to format and what type of details to include, its order and details like such may be written with the help of the following undergraduate student resume sample.

Resume For Undergraduate Student

Samuel Rodriguez

Campus Address:

#477 Beach Drive
Hammond, LA, 61234
Cell: 999 666 5555

Permanent Address:

#197 W Patterson Blvd
Houston, TX 60123
Contact No: 888 999 7777


Individual pursuing graduation in business studies seeking a summer internship in a field of people management so as to utilize the exemplary interpersonal skills, organizational expertise and coordinating capabilities to work as a team and develop with the organization.

Academic Qualifications:

University of Los Angeles
Cumulative College of Business Studies, Arcadia, LA
Bachelor of Arts Anticipated December 20XX
Major in Personal Management, Minor in Economics

  • GPA for Major: 3.751 and overall GPA score: 3.215
  • Phi Omega Beta Honor Society
  • Listed on Dean's List for 3 semesters
University of Los Angeles
College of Technical Studies, Pearl River, LA
Certificate Coursework in Psychology

Research Work:

  • People of States of America and the Development of the States
    Analyzed the economic situation of the States and researched the population mentality about work and work environment, using ABC phenomenon. Developed measures to reduce the unemployment bonus and motivate people to work. Represented the data to the State Mass Research Society under the guidance of Dr. James Richards.
  • Predicting Economy for America
    Carried out research to compare the trends of economy over the decades, and understood the most peak and slack period and the causes beneath it. Developed a hypothetical plan to manage the inflammation and unemployment.
Internship Employment:

HR Intern - ABC Firm, Junta, LA
Summer Placement April 20XX to August 20XX

  • Developed and implemented a more interactive inter-team coordination plan to seek functional smoothness of the company's transactions.
  • Conducted meetings of various departments separately to understand the individual requirements and guidance expectations from the management and worked on a plan to inculcate the feasible suggestions.
  • Interact with the company's clients and ensure maximum and effortless customer satisfaction.
Summer Intern HR - Delight Company, Bush, LA
Summer Placement, May 20XX to August 20XX
  • Planned and managed the work force allotment for a particular task
  • Plan the production activities and timely verifications against the plan
  • Excellent at people handling, psychological study of people and analytical skills
  • Strong capacity to meet the time bound projects with prompt decision making and effective management.
  • Multilingual oral and verbal proficiency
Leadership Roles:
  • Chaired University Student Development Committee, June 20XX to May 20XX
  • Initiated and lead the Support Education Rally, May 20XX for ABC Education Society
  • Conducted and participated in Blood Donation Camps for Red Cross Society of America
Personal Details:

Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 1/1/19XX
Nationality: American
Languages: English, Spanish
Hobbies: Reading Magazines

Undergraduate student resume examples has to be full with zeal and promising action verbs that assures the potential employer of the organizational growth with your employment. Make sure the resume contains the details of any extracurricular activity or leadership skills that you possess, in addition to the academic details. You may mention GPA only if it is exceptional, else do not mention it. Refer the sample resume and tailor it as per your needs. Hope this sample resume gives you a quick start to write your resume.

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