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College Student Resume Objective

Resume objective is included in a resume to describe the skills that you posses which make you suitable for the position you are applying for in the particular organization. An experienced candidate does not need to mention a job objective as he has relevant experience that suggests his expertise in a particular field. As a student, you do not have must work experience hence your resume should include job objective. Resume objective for college student should focus on the exact job opening you are applying for and the key skills that make you eligible for this job and how you will utilize this opportunity to develop your skills.

Tips for writing college student resume objective:

  • Your job objective should not be generic. Objective such as, "To work in your organization to gain knowledge and develop my skill" will not help you get selected for the right job. Mention the exact job opening you are applying for and why.
  • Your job opening objective should specifically mention the position you are applying for and the skills you will gain by work for the organization. Mentioning these details helps the recruiter to know the exact position you are applying for the research you have done before applying for the job.
  • Job objective should be clear, precise, without any spelling or grammar mistake. It should be limited to 2-3 sentences only.

Some of the college student resume objective examples are as follows:

Job objective for student applying for customer service or BPO jobs:

To learn the essentials of customer service to provide clear and fast solution/service to the customer in the IT support department and know about the operations process.

Job objective for student applying for management trainee job:

MBA graduate with GPA 3.75 specialization subject Marketing looking for a management trainee job in your organization to enhance my customer building skills and learning tactics to achieve the desired targets.

Job objective for student applying for chemical analyst's job:

Looking for chemical analyst's job in pharmaceutical company to utilize the practical work experience that I gain while working as lab assistant at university of Chicago and learn about the actual process and techniques used in large scale companies.

The resume objective college student must be precise, to the point and after reading it the recruiter or your future employer should understand the job you are applying for and the skills sets you posses as well as wish to gain.

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